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Our attic clean out services bring order back to your cluttered attic.  Good Bye Junk cleans up attics in in the Grand Rapids, Cedar Springs, Cascade, and Surrounding Areas. When stockpiles of the past years’ clutter fills up your attic, it can be challenging work to empty it out. Don’t worry. That’s why our crew is there to do all the heavy lifting for you. Get back to handling your home life or your day-to-day operations at work. We know you’ve got a busy enough schedule, and that’s why we’re stepping up the plate! Book your appointment today!

Clean Out The Attic Today.

Our clean out attic service is simple: point out the attic junk you want gone, and we haul it.

  • Moving out? Let us help you empty the attic and save you several trips on the ladder.

  • Doing some spring cleaning? Just call, and we’ll be there to declutter the attic for you.

  • We can also empty attics in business settings where you normally wouldn’t have time to.

No matter why you needed our help, and no matter if you’re a homeowner or a business owner, we’ll give our best efforts and clean up the attic in a quick, timely manner.

We clean your attic step by step:

  • Upon our arrival, we look at the attic, see the junk you wanted hauled away, and prepare a quote.

  • To allow our team to start working, accept our quoted price. From there, we start hauling junk.

  • We work carefully yet quickly to empty the attic and take the junk to our truck for drop-off.

  • After your appointment, we recycle and donate what we can. The rest is disposed of.

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